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Black Friday was a contemporary highly realistic larp run two times in Italy in November 2014. It was a non-profit larp set nowadays in a Wyoming small mining town and it was organized by a collective of authors and larp organizations coming from different parts of Italy, traditions and styles. The distinctive trait d’union of all the people involved in the project was a nordic-like style larp, still very niche in Italy.


Black Friday is a technology enhanced thriller set in the contemporary USA mixing a part of true facts, characters and organizations to fiction elements, as in Homeland or Utopia tv series, which were also inspirational material. It focuses on the deprivation of civil liberties and forces the characters to struggle with the great fears of the modern world and to decide between peace and violence, ethics and progress, individualism and common good, protection and freedom.

The larp had a clear “cinematographic cut”, or style, in order to suggest the kind of verbal and physical interaction required of characters, we called it “The Eye of the Camera” to sum up two things: the encouragement to share and play for the others and to be always in character, no matter what: as if, even when alone, a camera would constantly follow your every move. To the players surprise that was partly true, because the village was surveilled with a set of cameras and some characters were provided with go-pros used diegetically to record.


The production had 140 participants split in 2 larps.

  • Game 1 November 14-16
  • Game 2 November 21-23


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