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This template is inserted on a file description page when the following conditions all meet:

  1. There is a file with the same name on Wikimedia Commons
  2. The contents of the local file and the Commons file are different
  3. It is desirable to resolve this naming conflict (i.e. the conflict is not one of the deliberate exceptions)

If the first condition meets but not the second, consider using {{Keep local}} or {{Now Commons}}, whichever is appropriate.

This template categorises tagged files into Category:Wikipedia files that shadow a file on Wikimedia Commons. This template is a self-reference.

If the file should be kept locally (i.e. not moved to Commons) or deleted, set |keeplocal=yes. You can optionally provide a reason to keep the file locally using |reason=.

Once the conflict is resolved, this template must either be removed from the file description page, or replaced with {{Keep local}}, whichever is appropriate.

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