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This template is designed for use where the standard Bot reduction to 100,000 pixels has been objected to by another editor. They have asked that amount of reduction needs to be manually assessed. This template {{Non-free reduce}} should be added to the oversized file. Files tagged with this template are placed in the Category:Wikipedia non-free file size reduction requests. Once an oversized file has been replaced by a reduced version, it should be tagged with {{subst:orfurrev}}.

  • For non-free audio-file, add {{Non-free reduce|type=audio}} to the file page if the audio file is oversized.
  • For non-free video clip or file, add {{Non-free reduce|type=video}} to the video if the file is oversized.
  • For non-free screenshot, add {{Non-free reduce|type=screen}} if the screenshot is oversized.
  • For non-free poster, add {{Non-free reduce|type=poster}} if the poster is oversized.
  • For non-free currency, add {{Non-free reduce|type=money}} if it has high resolution capture/scan of currency.
  • For non-free SVG file, add {{Non-free reduce|type=svg}} if the vector image displayed at excessive nominal size.

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