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TaglineWhere there is food and shelter, freedom is a forgotten waste of the past.
DateAugust 28–31, 2014 (2014-08-28 – 2014-08-31)
Duration2 days
LocationVinalesa, Valencia, Spain
Participants50 (40 players and 10 supporting players and organizers)
Participation fee85
Designed by

Robota was a larp in Spain about Western corporate culture and illegal immigration using the trappings of a post-apocalyptic setting. It was the first bilingual larp in Spain, with full English language support and full integration of foreigners.

The factory was an echo of the contemporary world of contractual obligations and social bindings. Without it, the characters could not survive. The factory Robota provided meaning alongside with food, shelter and entertainment. Outside there was only violence, scarcity and a hopeless life, and deprived desperate people wanted to be a part of this harsh paradise. The setting of the larp was The Wasteland - the dystopic, surrealist and twisted landscape of Europe in the near future.

The first run was made on August 2014.


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