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{{Infobox larp design |first_run= () May 7-13, 2018. |name=Mr&Mrs Unscripted |image= |tagline= |participants=22 |duration=5-6 days |website={{}} |designers={{}} Mia Häggström, Petra Lindve |techniques={{}} }}

Mr&Mrs Unscripted was a larp about reality TV. It was run in Lillkyrka, Sweden. It was designed and produced by Mia Häggstörm and Petra Lindve. During the larp, the characters filmed the first episode for a fictional reality show called Mr&Mrs Unscripted where couples compete over a mansion and a dream wedding. The players took the roles of the six contestant couples and eight members of the production team – producers, camera crew, an assistant, and an intern. The designers played the showrunners who were charge of everything at the set. During the larp, the production team was actually filming, and their players arrived to the site one day before the contestant players so that they could learn to use the equipment.

The in-game schedules consisted of similar parties and competitions that are common in actual reality shows. At the end of the larp, the contestants had to vote one couple out. The showrunners – played by the designers – had the last word on the production, and every morning they held a meeting with the rest of the crew and told them what they would expect to happen during the day. Each one of the three producers were in charge of two contestant couples, and they would then manipulate the contestants and make things happen according to the general instructions from the showrunners. Through this design, the showrunners /designers could introduce new events to the larp whenever they felt it was needed. This could include scenes for everybody or just some of the contestants.

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