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Feather Play was a Meta-technique seen in intensive use throughout the production of Just a Little Lovin'. The technique is a manner of initiating scenes with other players through the presentation of a feather to the individual(s). In a game where the technique is used one have agreed ahead of time on a reference table of colours which signifies specific emotional themes.

These feathers are scattered around the location for pick-up and use. In Just a Little Lovin' pink feathers were used to initiate a meta sex-scene with another character. Black feathers were used to invite someone to join in a meta scene in the black box. The one offering the feather should suggest what the scene will be about and which characters are in it. A meta scene which was initiated by a black feather did not actually take place in the timeline of the larp. The pink feathers however are used to initiate sexual scenes that happen right there and then between the actual characters.