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Template:Website screenshot rationale


Non-free media data

This is the web page of {{{1}}}. The web page copyright is believed to belong to {{{1}}}



Portion used

Single web page only.

Low resolution?

The copy is of sufficient resolution for commentary and identification but lower resolution than the original.

Other information

Use of the web page in articles complies with Wikipedia non-free content policy and fair use under United States copyright law as described below.

Non-free media use rationales

Non-free media rationale - non-free web page – WARNING: {{{1}}} does not appear to exist!
Check capitalization. Enter only the exact title of a single article with no [[link brackets]] or other formatting. It is also possible the indicated article was deleted.


Purpose of use

Used for purposes of critical commentary and illustration in an educational article about the entity represented by the image.
The image is used as the primary means of visual identification of this article topic.


As a web page, the image is not replaceable by free content; any other image that shows the web page would also be copyrighted, and any version that is not true to the original would be inadequate for identification or commentary.


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(copy this to your image page)

{{ subst:Website screenshot rationale | Article name goes here }} 


{{ subst:Website screenshot rationale | Article name goes here | website goes here }} 


{{ subst:Website screenshot rationale | Article name goes here | web site goes here | person or company owning the copyright goes here }}