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<blockquote>''We are in Norway (alt. Sweden). The year is 2010. You are a couple living in Norway or are having a short, not especially spectacular holiday in Norway. You meet at a cafè. The meeting developes into a serious talk, an explosion or implosion of emotions. You are playing a couple that have been together for a while (6 month and up to 2 years). Not living together. It is about the confrontations that might show up, when we are forced or stumbled into making a stand. It is about our realtionships, when we grasp that somethings does not work. The critical moment when we have to understand that..
*this might be the end
''We are trying to grasp the moment when a couple realizes that their crisis is a fact,we are aiming at the very eye of the storm.At least one of the involved parties will be put to the test. : How do we experience love in an age where it would seem that it so often don`t work out?