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{{WikipediaNordic Larp Wiki:Article wizard/Content|title=Welcome|content={{font|size=125%|Thank you for your interest in contributing to WikipediaNordic Larp Wiki!}}<br/>{{User:Drewmutt/halfbr}}Before starting the process of creating an article, you can get the hang of things by first editing in '''your [[Special:MyPage/sandbox|sandbox]]'''. It's a great way to practice your editing skills without affecting live articles.<br/> If you need some help along the way, check out our '''[[WikipediaNordic Larp Wiki:Contributing to WikipediaNordic Larp Wiki|editing guide]]'''.|other_buttons=<div style{{=}}"padding-top:5px; padding-bottom:5px">{{Clickable button 2|WikipediaNordic Larp Wiki:Article wizard/Referencing|Next|class=mw-ui-progressive}}</div>
|next_link=Special:Mypage/sandbox|next_link_label = Edit sandbox|next_button_class= mw-ui-progressive}}