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Erlend Eidsem Hansen (September 18, 1972 in Oslo, Norway) is a Norwegian larpwright and documentary filmmaker. In 2012 he lived in Oslo, Norway. He is the father of 2 sons. He has grown up in the 70ies and 80ies Eastenders Oslo surrounded by a workingclass, whitetrash environment. Equal to many other norwegians Erlend has gone through the classjourney from workingclass to cultural academic upper middle class during the economic oilboom of Norway during the 80ies and 90ies. It means that he worked in a chocolatefactory when he was 18 years, but that he now works as a filmdirector. This means that compared to the rest of his family he has 10-15 years more of education than anyone older than him. When it comes to explaining larp to people not familiar with the concept, this teaches a few lessons.




He has organised and designed more than 40 larp-projects and participated in around 250 different games since the beginning in Norway in 1989. He has read over 3000 characterdescriptions and been a consultant for the design of over 1000 characters over the years.

Larpwright (designer/co-designer)

Contributing organizer



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