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Falne stjerner

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{{LarpInfobox larp design|first_run={{start date=|2010|10}} in Oslo, Norway
|name=Falne stjerner
|english_name=Fallen Stars
|designers={{plainlist|* [[Martin Nielsen]]
* [[Vilde Herning]]
* [[Magnar Grønvik Müller]]
* [[Linn Eik Pilskog]]
* [[Nils Hiorth]]}}
== About the larp =='''Falne stjerner ''' (''Fallen Stars'') is a short larp written at the conference held as part of [[Glimt av eventyrblack box]] in [[2010chamber larp]]. The larp takes place at about a flea market. Each player plays the role of an item for sale. Characters for the items are created before the larp begins, and each player has the physical item they are playing in front of them during the larp. The players don't puppeteer their item, but are asked to gestalt the emotional expression of the item they play.
== Methods ==
* January 2013 (Bergen, Norway)
* January 2014 (Trondheim - [[Spillerom]], Norway)
* July 2014 (London, UK)
* July 2014 (Vilnius - [[Metamorfozes]], Lithuania)
* August 2015 (London, UK)
== Authors ==
Falne stjerner co-authored by [[Martin Nielsen]], [[Vilde Herning]], [[Magnar Grønvik Müller]], [[Linn Eik Pilskog]], [[Nils Hiorth]].written at the conference held as part of the project [[Glimt av eventyr]] run by [[Fantasiforbundet]] in [[2010]]. == External links ==* [ Website] ([[Larps from the Factory]])* [ Mo Holkar's blog from the London run][[Category:Larps]][[Category:Chamber larps]][[Category:Chamber larps from Norway]][[Category:2010chamber larps]]

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