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{{LarpInfobox larp run
|countryimage_alt=A portrait of two men in 1970's suits.|caption=Carl Heath and Per Wetterstrand, organizers of OB7.|location=Varberg, Sweden
|homepage_urldate={{start date|2002|10}}|homepage_link_textwebsite=OB7s web page{{URL|}}|number_of_playersparticipants=36
|duration=2 days
|full_creditsdesigners=Designed by {{plainlist|*[[Carl Heath]] and * [[Per Wetterstrand]].}}|participation_fee={{currency|900|SEK 900}}|game_mechanicstechniques=Several{{plainlist|* [[The Doctor]]* [[Pre-larp workshop]]}}
'''OB7''' Was was a larp set in the context a prison during political turmoil in Sweden in 1973. The Swedish Security Police "(Swedish: ''Säpo" '') arrested people belonging to various leftist organisations and kept them in prison for interrogation on the suspicion of terrorist activities. The game was designed to explore gameplay in isolation.
OB7 was controversial when produced as it explored themes from the classical Stanford Prison Experiment[]. It was a [[political larp]] which brought to light political controversies of the 1970s as well as then -current issues. OB7 was written in the wake of 9/11 and the European Union meeting summit in Göteborg 2001.
* [[The Doctor]]
* [[Pre-game Workshoplarp workshop]] ==Images==* [ OB7 Flickr Gallery]
* Varberg - [[Interaktiva Uppsättningar]]
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