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{{Infobox person|name=Trine Lise Lindahl|image=TrineLiseLindahl.jpg|nationality=2Norway|organizations={{Unbulleted list|[[Larp Factory]]|[[Fantasiforbundet]]}}}}'''Trine Lise Lindahl''' is a Norwegian larper and game designer. Lindahl is one of the designers of [[Mad About the Boy]], [[Play the Cards]]/[[Klassefesten]] and several other larps. She's been involved in running was one of the drivers of the [[Larp Factory]] in Oslo and was is a recurrent teacher at [[The Larpwriter Summer School]] in 2012. She is also The last few years Lindahl has been involved in a project to make a larp community in Ramallah, Palestine. In 2013 she edited ''[[Larps from the Factory]]'', a book of 23 larpscripts from the Norwegian Larpfactories, together with [[Elin Nilsen]] and [[Lizzie Stark]].
===Larpwright (designer/co-designer)===
*[[1942 - Someone to trust? (2017)]]*[[KoiKoi]] (2014)* [[Till death do us part]] (2012)* [[Summer Lovin' ]] (a scenario for [[Fastaval 2012]])* [[Klassefesten]] (2012)* [[Par i terter]] / [[A Pair of Tarts]] (2011)* [[Screwing the Crew]] (2010/2014)* [[Mad About the Boy]] (2010/2012/2013)* [[Metafysisk midtsommer]] (2006)* [[PanoptiCorp]] (2003)* The Skumringstid larps (1998-2000) ===Produced larps=== *[[Brudpris]] (2014)*[[New Voices in Art]] (2012)*[[Club Felis]] (2007)
===Running other people's games=Articles on Larp==
* ''Larps from the Factory'' - article in [[When Our Destinies MeetThe Cutting Edge of Nordic Larp]] (2011[[Knutpunkt 2014]])* ''Mad about the Boy'' - article in [[Familien AnderssonThe Cutting Edge of Nordic Larp]] (2009/2012)* [[Prayers on a porceleine alterKnutpunkt 2014]] (2009)* ''Weddings and Anti-Condom Activists'' - article in [[The Upgrade!States of Play: Nordic Larp Around the World]] (2009)* [[Club FelisSolmukohta 2012]] 2007)
== Articles on Larp manuscripts==* ''Weddings and Anti-Condom Activists'' - article in [[States of Play: Nordic Larp Around the World]] in the [[Solmukohta]] [[2012]] [[Knutepunkt-books]]
== Larp manuscripts ==*''A Pair of Tarts'' -* ''Club Felis'' -*''Mad about the boy '' - http://madabouttheboymad-about-the-boy-larp.blogspot.laivno/p/the-larp.html*''Play the Cards'' -* ''Screwing the crew '' -* ''Summer lovin' '' -
* [[Grenselandet 2011]] - programme
* [[Knutepunkt 2009]] - leader
* [[Knutepunkt 2005]] - info
*[[Beit Byout]] - Administration/ info / programme*[[Grenselandet 2011]] - programme*[[Knutepunkt 2009]] - leader*[[Knutepunkt 2005]] - info [[Category:People|Lindahl, Trine Lise]][[Category:Norwegian people]][[Category:Larp creators]][[Category:Larp community builders]][[Category:Larp authors]]


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