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The organizers had come up with many ways to simulate various functions on the space ships. In the engine room, there was a screen with the Artemis engineering simulator. However, each control had a physical counterpart that the players had to adjust before they were allowed to touch the Artemis controls. There were levers you had to physically pull, cords that you needed to connect, and a container where you poured “liquid coolant”. Sometimes you would have to crawl into a maintenance tunnel to do “repairs” by changing worn-out glow sticks into fresh ones. To do repairs, the players had to use duct tape and cardboard on the walls, and there were less and less of these available as the characters ran out of resources.
''Krusadis: Punainen aurinko'' was the third larp in the setting of the science fiction world Krusadis. It was, however, designed to work as an independent whole. According to the larp’s larp's website, it was a partial rerun of an earlier Finnish larp called ''Tehtävä: punainen aurinko'' (2015, Eng. Mission: Red Sun) and set in another universe.
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'''Duration:''' 15 hours of runtime + workshops + debrief
'''Run:''' Helsinki, Feb 23-2523–25, 2018.
'''Number of players:''' ~50

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