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[[File:SK2012-logo.jpg|350px|thumb|Solmukohta 2012 ]]'''Solmukohta 2012''' was a [[Knutepunkt]]-conference held in the hotel Kiljavanranta in Nurmijärvi, Finland {{start and end dates|2012|4|12|2012|4|15}}. It was organized by a project group under [[Category:FinlandRopecon]] 12th-15th of April 2012association. 302 people from 21 countries attended, more than 100 program items were held.
For the conference, one [[Knutepunkt-books|Knutepunkt-book]] was published: [[States of Play: Nordic Larp Around the World]], edited by [[Juhana Pettersson]]. ==Program==The theme for the event was game design, and the theme for the costume party was design lounge. ==A Week in Finland==Prior to the conference A Week in Finland was held 8th-12th April. Activities included workshops, mini larps, parties, cultural events and [[Nordic Larp Talks]]. AWiF was organized together with Helsinki University Roleplaying club [[Alter Ego]] and [[Teatteri Naamio & Höyhen]].
==A Week inOrganizers==Prior to the conference *[[Heidi Westerlund]] (Project group leader)*[[Massi Hannula]] (Program)*[[Maija Kangasniemi]] (Volunteer workers, treasurer)*[[Maija Korhonen]] and [[Santeri Virtanen]] (A Week in Helsinki was held 8th-12th April. Activities included workshops, mini larps and Finland)*[[Laura Turpeinen]] (Lodging)*[[Pauliina Männistö]] (Web design)*[[Nordic Larp TalksVille-Eemeli Miettinen]].(Logistics)
==External Links==
* [ - Offical website]
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