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I am a Swedish larper, and have been a larp writer/producer since 2010. My ludography includes:

  • Frizon, 2010, Sweden. A mobile adventure/drama larp about the legacy of a past genocide. With Daniel Armyr.
  • Once More with Passion, 2011, Sweden. A chamber larp about the nature of inter-human conflict. With Elli Åhlvik.
  • Great-great-great-grandma's Tiara, 2012. A chamber larp about the Swedish female gender role and mother-daughter relationships. With Daniel Armyr.
  • Suffragett!, 2014. A larp about the Women's Right to Vote movement in 1918, in collaboration with Hallwylska Museet. With Daniel Armyr, Cecilia Billskog, Siri Sandquist.
  • The Ancestral Farm, 2014. A chamber larp about the Swedish male gender role and father-son relationships. With Daniel Armyr.
  • So Mom I Made This Sex Tape, 2016. Different generations (wave) of feminists argue it out about sex, porn and what the main point of feminism really is. Available here

My larp-related bibliography includes: Confessing, Gossipping and Confronting as conscious tools for a better larp, 2015. Available at Design Strategies for Discussion-Heavy Larps, 2016. In Särkijärvi, Loponen & Kangas (eds), Larp Realia. Available at With Theo Axner.