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You're ready to go!

If you have already created the draft and want to submit it for review you can add {{subst:submit}} on the top of it.

AFC-Logo.svg Your article will be created in the draft space. When you finish, you'll be able to submit it to be reviewed by our volunteers. After a successful review, it will be moved to the article namespace ('mainspace').

N write.svg Go live now!
If you are a user with 10 or more edits and registered for 4 or more days you can place your article into Wikipedia straight away.
However, we strongly recommend that you use the draft option instead:. This will avoid it being quickly deleted immediately if it still has too many important errors.
Important - Always check back in a few days. Your article will be live but it will be checked again for you by a reviewer who may leave some messages for you on the article or on your talk page. Warning: if your article isn't ready to go live, you may find it quickly deleted! If this happens, see Wikipedia:Why was my page deleted?.

Check your work again by clicking the Show preview button first.

Don't forget to hit the Save page button under the text field - otherwise your text will be lost!