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* [[Brudpris]] (2014)
* [[Brudpris]] (2014)
* [[New voices in Art]] (2012)
* [[New Voices in Art]] (2012)
* [[Club Felis]] (2007)
* [[Club Felis]] (2007)

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Template:Person Trine Lise Lindahl is a Norwegian larper and game designer.

Lindahl is one of the designers of Mad About the Boy, Play the Cards/Klassefesten and several other larps. She was one of the drivers of the Larp Factory in Oslo and is a recurrent teacher at The Larpwriter Summer School. The last few years LIndahl has been involved in a project to make a larp community in Ramallah, Palestine. In 2013 she edited Larps from the Factory, a book of 23 larpscripts from the Norwegian Larpfactories, together with Elin Nilsen and Lizzie Stark.


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Produced larps

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