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Trenne Byar was at the time the largets larp ever in Sweden with 1100 players, and most likely is one of the most well known Swedish larps ever to be made. It was produced by a group called Ett Glas within the society called Stockholms Fria Livesällskap (SFL). The organising team was made up by Aigars Grins, Martin Ericsson, Gabriel Walldén, Christian Angerbjörn, Alexander Graff, Gabriel Sandberg, Joakim Skog and Christopher Sandberg. Many other people were involved in the creation of the larp as well. Production started in 1992 and the event was set up in 1994.

Trenne Byar
English nameThree Villages
DateJuly 26–31, 1994 (1994-07-26 – 1994-07-31)
Duration5 days
Participation feekr 800
Designed by

The larp was set in the fictional county of Hed, a part of the Duvrike kingdom, during a festival called Sensommarvåren. Unique for the time was that the game took place in and around three settlements, the cloister Svalvid, the village Arnros and the trading port Vidhamn. The larp had its own alfabet, Dulin, along with language for orcs, Svartiska, and elves, Thuaveon.

The larp also was the first to use the today commonly used off-game rune, a symbol indicating that a certain parcel or object is off game. A special rune for first aid was also created.

The larp was also among the first larps in Sweden to sport its own designed currency, with about 18000 coins in circulation.


The larp was heavily criticized before, during and after for its lack of organizational management. This was especially the case when it came to matters of logistics and transportation as well as having the inability to provide players with food, toilet paper and other basic needs.