Tina Leipoldt

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Tina Leipoldt
Tina .jpg
Born (1979-07-24) July 24, 1979 (age 41)
Other namesKristina Leipoldt

(Kris-) Tina Leipoldt (born 24th July 1979) started larping in the late 1990s. In 2003 she started desigining and organizing larps together with a bunch of friends. Tina attended her first Knutepunkt in 2013 and contributed to the Nordic Larp Talks with "the Empire larps back" together with Larson Kasper in 2016. She has been training Syrian Peace Activists on (Mini-) larp techniques and uses larp often as a training method in her professional life.

Personal Life

Tina holds a M.A. in Social Anthropology/Sociology and has been living in Asia, Africa and the Middle East where she worked as a humanitarian and development expert in various crisis and conflicts. She always tried to find a way to continue larping and roleplaying either locally or via digital means. Tina moved back to Germany in 2015 and is now living in the forest Taunus together with her husband, her son and three crazy cats. She works as an advisor on transitional aid and the humanitarian-development nexus for the German Government.

Articles on larp

2018 "Von feministischen Träumen und Räumen" - with Taisia Kann and Martina Ryssel, in "LARP: Geschlechter(rollen): Aufsatzsammlung zum MittelPunkt 2018" ISBN-13:978-3938922965

2016 "Playing stress, guilt and identity - this ain`t politics, this is Syria" - with Larson Kasper, p. 59 - 64; in Larp Politics – Systems, Theory and Gender in Action

2016 “Larp is like Hummus – everybody`s mom makes it best…” – with Larson Kasper, p. 139 – 146, in Larp Realia – Analysis, Design and Discussions of Nordic Larp

2015 "Make larp not war" – with Clara Biermann, p.61 in “Birth of Larp in the Arab World” ISBN 978-87- 92507-25- 9

2011 "Check your reality - Larp als mögliche Methode in der Erwachsenenbildung", p.89 - 104 in „Larp über den Tellerrand – Aufsatzsammlung zum Mittelpunkt 2011“ ISBN-13: 978-3938922293

Co-Organizer and Designer of larps in Germany

2017 Die weisse Dohle - Flucht und Verrat - together with David Hughes, Lucille Haesters and Martina Ryssel

2017 Larp im Museum der Stadt Isenburg - together with Larson Kasper

2012 KNB 109 M - together with Larson Kasper, Martina Ryssel and David Hughes

2010 Welcome to Wandaland - together with Larson Kasper and Stefan Deutsch

2010 The Living Dead - together with Stefan Deutsch and Larson Kasper

2005 Kommissar Schmidt - ein Leben für die Wissenschaft - together with Phillip Christoffel and David Hughes

2003 Vergessene Legenden II - Tod eines Helden - together with David Hughes, Oliver Kempka, Phillip Christoffel and Barny