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[verification needed]

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The {{verify source}} template will automatically place tagged articles into Category:Wikipedia articles needing factual verification.


{{Verify source|date=December 2021}}

Request that someone verify the cited source supports the material in the passage. Add the {{Verify source}} template only after you have made a good faith attempt to verify the information (so making the template unnecessary—see also {{Failed verification}} ).

This template is for cases where for example it is thought that the citation may only cover some of the facts in the preceding sentences in the Wikipedia article, but not all of them; or that given page number in the citation does not seem to contain the information that supports the preceding sentences in the article.

If the information in the preceding sentences appears to be verifiable, but lacks proper citations, then use {{Citation needed}} (or {{Cite quote}}, for quotations) instead. If the article has broader sourcing problems, a banner template like {{Refimprove}} may be more appropriate.

To find all the articles that use this template, visit What links here. For articles which lack sources, please visit Category:Articles lacking sources.

This template is a self-reference, as it is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content and it should not be substituted.


  • |date= You may append a date to the template in the following format:
{{Verify source|date=December 2021}}
  • |type= You may add a type, such as "reprint" or "archive" in the following format:
{{Verify source|type=reprint}} becomes [reprint verification needed].

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