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This template is to be used for images which are out of copyright in the United States but not yet out of copyright in their home country. English Wikipedia policy allows for these images to be hosted because its servers are in the United States. However, these images must not be transferred to commons until they are public domain in their home country.


  • {{Out of copyright in|PUBLIC_DOMAIN_YEAR}}

The parameter PUBLIC_DOMAIN_YEAR is the year in which the media becomes public domain in the home country, and is mandatory.

Whenever this template is transcluded, if the PUBLIC_DOMAIN_YEAR is in the future (for example: {{Out of copyright in|2024}}) then the template box will display the following:

However, if the PUBLIC_DOMAIN_YEAR is in the past (for example: {{Out of copyright in|2020}}) then the template will display the following:

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