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<templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css" />

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This template creates a link to a resource at Education Resources Information Center (ERIC). The only required parameter is the ERIC#, which begins with either ED (ERIC document number) or EJ (ERIC journal number). Up to nine EPIC# parameters are supported.

This template links to the record details page. It does not directly call the PDF version of the document; as of January 2013, not all ERIC PDFs are directly available due to a privacy review.

The |url-access= parameter can be set to display lock icon (Freely accessible, Free registration required, Free access subject to limited trial, subscription normally required, or Paid subscription required) instead of the external link icon (). It takes the same free, registration, limited, subscription values as doumented at Help:Citation Style 1#Registration or subscription required. Only use this parameter if all ERIC#s have the same access status.


Markup Renders as

<templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css" />ERIC ED046562


<templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css" />ERIC EJ671671


<templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css" />ERIC EJ671671

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