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Template:Category link with count generates a link to a category followed by the number of pages in the category. It uses the PAGESINCATEGORY parser function.


One parameter
{{Category link with count|CATEGORY}}
Two parameters
{{Category link with count|CATEGORY|TYPE}}


Using the template shortcut {{clc}}:

One parameter

without "Category:"
{{clc|Côte-d'Or}}Category:Côte-d'Or (0)
with "Category:"
{{clc|Category:Côte-d'Or}}Category:Côte-d'Or (0)

Two parameters

without "Category:"
{{clc|Côte-d'Or|pages}}Category:Côte-d'Or (0)
{{clc|Côte-d'Or|subcats}}Category:Côte-d'Or (0)
{{clc|Côte-d'Or|files}}Category:Côte-d'Or (0)
with "Category:"
{{clc|Category:Côte-d'Or|pages}}Category:Côte-d'Or (0)
{{clc|Category:Côte-d'Or|subcats}}Category:Côte-d'Or (0)
{{clc|Category:Côte-d'Or|files}}Category:Côte-d'Or (0)

See also

Template Example output
{{c}} Example
{{cl}} Category:Example
{{cls}} Cat:Example
Template Example output
{{clc}} Category:Example (0)
{{lc}} Category:Example (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs)
{{lcs}} Category:Example(edit talk links history)