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Tadeu Rodrigues Iuama is a larp researcher, author and participant from Brazil.

Tadeu Rodrigues Iuama
EducationPhD Candidate in Communication
Home townSorocaba, Brasil

As Academic

PhD in communication, his research is on the influence of the player on the character (Masters) and on the influence of the character on the player (PhD). His main academic interests (beside larp) are Narratives and Imaginary Studies.

He has writings on Knutepunkt 2017 book and 2017 Minsk Academic Larp Conference's book (Larp as a social tool). His Master's thesis was published (in Portuguese) under Public Domain.

As Author

He wrote some larpscripts. CafundóS was published on 2017 in an academic journal (pages 223 to 228) and viÆgóica (created with Caue Reigota and Francisco Alves) was the winner of Faça Você Mesmo 2018, a Brazilian contest of narrative games.

As Community builder

Tadeu develops a role both in São Paulo, in dialogue with Luiz Falcão and Luiz Prado (from Boi Voador collective and NpLarp) and in Sorocaba, mostly with Caue Reigota and Vitor Soriano. The main features of this communities are found in The Jeitinho Brasileiro Manifesto, published in