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  • ...l of immerssion in visual aestetichs and aimed to create a feeling of time travel, without focus on larger narrative plot-twists or dramatic endings. It was
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  • for participation quite high as it gets time-consuming and expensive to travel to a workshop far from home two times before the larp.
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  • ...ts have already arrived. Everyone has to be sent back home. A race against time starts against closing borders. *Swedish residents are recommended to not travel to "any country".
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  • where the ships would go, and the game masters would use the travelling time to build the relevant environment in the meta room. There were also separat
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  • ...e's relationship called "Det er så yndigt at følges ad" (It's so lovely to travel together), produced by Swedish filmmaker Maria Bäck. *''Rollespil i Rude Skov: Changing the world one sword at a time' - article in [[Nordic Larp]] (2010)''
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  • ...t as to whether [[RTS,S]]/AS01, were a viable [[malaria vaccine]]. For the time being, [[insecticide]]-treated [[mosquito net]]s and insecticide sprays are ...he Guardian]] |date=17 March 2009 |accessdate=31 March 2012}}</ref> At the time, the World Health Assembly President, Guyana's Health Minister [[Leslie Ram
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