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* Usually shadows are used to influence or control the player in someway. [[Knappnålshuvudet]] is a good example of a shadow-heavy LARP, where shadows in the form of ''guardian angels'' were used.
* A variant of shadows called Phantom players was used in [[The Monitor Celestra]]. The phantoms stayed invisible unless they initiated player contact by touching a player during the game.
* Another variant of Shadow was used at [[Simbelmyne|Simbelmynë]], where non-diegetic (and, hence, invisible) shadows could whisper suggestions, clues or "inner monologues" (as if the character was characters were having that those inner monologue themselves), initiate "dialogues" when the players were in a "dream state" and even physically steer or touch them, which they players would take as their subconscious thoughts and actions or their "base natures" winning out over their "honor".

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