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A '''design document''' is a written description of a larps design. It's often meant as production notes to inform both the team running the game and the players of it's its vision and ideas.
* [[Media:Cotlarpdd.pdf|Convention of Thorns Design Document]] (PDF) for [[Convention of Thorns]]. Retrieved on 2016-10-31 [].
* [[Media:Fm_designdocument.pdf|Fairweather Manor Design Document]] (PDF) for [[Fairweather Manor]]. Retrieved on 2016-10-31 [].
* [[Media:la_sinerena_varada.pdf|La Sirena Varada]] (PDF) for [[La Sirerna Varada]]. Retrieved on 2016-10-31 [].
* [ Sunfall] (Web/PDF). Design documents for [[Sunfall]].* [ Totem] (Web). Design Manual for [[Totem]].* [[Media:Demeter.pdf|Demeter]] (PDF) for [[Demeter]]. Retrieved on 2016-11-01 [].