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In order to establish if characters had contracted the disease everyone was given a small ziploc bag containing one pill (for the second run this was increased to three), which they were instructed to eat sometime during saturday. If the pill contained sugar, they were fine. If it contained salt, they had contracted the disease and could start showing symptoms, which in turn was represented by coughing, weakness, fever, rashes (red makeup powder on abdomen, armpits and/or neck) and bleeding (fake blood in nose or mouth).
Hinterland was designed to have as little runtime game mastering as possible - no plot trains, no "required outcome" and very little [[Railroading|railroading]]. It was a (limited) sandbox game, even though there were NPCs for a few scenes (raiding party, cautions neighbours showing up etc). During the second run there were a few players who played the first run come in and replay the game, with the expressed intent to drive certain dramatic themes and to counter game staleness.
In order to play out physical violence a set of different techniques were used; "the deadlies weapon controls the situation", "two are always more than one" and slow escalation, in combination with trigger words (the "don't rule") and safety techniques/words (like [[Kutt|kutt]], [[Brems|brems]], tapping out and being passive/active in escalation). There were very few weapons (although quite a few real tools, knives etc), although [[Blank-firing Firearms|blank firing guns]] were used.


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