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==External Links==
* [ introduction-to-nordic-larp Introduction to Nordic Larp], a [[2010]] [[Nordic Larp Talk]] by [[Johanna Koljonen]].* [ what-does-nordic-larp-mean-jaakko-stenros What does Nordic Larp mean?], a [[2013]] [[Nordic Larp Talk]] by [[Jaakko Stenros]].* [http://nordiclarptalksjaakkostenros.wordpress.orgcom/2013/post04/4823078709818/keynote-script-what-does-nordic-larp-mean-jaakko-stenros The full / Full keynote transcript of Jaakko Stenros the 2013 Nordic Larp Talk]* [ by Jaakko Stenros Nordic Larp Talk: What does Nordic Larp mean?
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