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== Larps ==
He has been larping since [[1992]] and been a larp organizer since [[1995]]. He organized 4 larger fantasy games and a host of Vampire games during the second part of the 1990s, after which he focused on theatre for 7 years. With Dragonbane, from [[2006]], he started organizing larps again. He made an attempt to make a living of larp organization during [[2008]] with the project [[Lajv från Skåne]]; including fantasy larps set in the game world [[Carn]], children larps, modern day occult larps and a Vampire chronicle called [[Natt över Skåne]]. He started working as a edu-larper in late 2008 and have done so sporadically at [[Interaktiv Produktion]], [[Osterskov Østerskov Efterskole]] and [[LajvVerstadenLajvVerkstaden]] ever since. He is an avid workshop leader and usually will organize several program spots at [[Knutepunkt]] and [[Prolog]].
== Producer, co-producer and designer ==