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{{tlx|Infobox larp series}} should be used to describe a larp series or campaign, usually at the top of an article. For specific larp events or runs of larps, use {{nowrap|{{tlx|Infobox larp eventrun}}}}.
== Usage ==
== See also ==
* {{tl|Infobox larp eventrun}}
* {{tl|Infobox larp design}}
* {{tl|Infobox larp festival}}
* {{tl|Infobox con}}
* {{tl|Infobox con eventrun}}
<includeonly>{{#ifeq:{{SUBPAGENAME}}|sandbox | |
"label": "Also known as",
"description": "Alternate name for the larp eventseries."
"tagline": {
"label": "Tagline",
"description": "Tagline of the larp eventseries."
"genre": {