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* http://2008.solmukohta.org/
* http://2008.solmukohta.org/
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Solmukohta 2008

Solmukohta 2008 was a Knutepunkt conference held in the hotel Kiljavanranta in Nurmijärvi Finland on April 4–6, 2008 (2008-04-04 – 2008-04-06), which made it one day shorter than Knutepunkts usually are. The event was organized by a project group under Ropecon association.

251 participants came from 19 different countries.


The slogan for the event was Looking ahead. Its goal was to push people to do new, unheard of things. It was supported by the costume gala's theme Retrofuturism.


For the conference, one Knutepunkt-book was published: Playground Worlds

A Week In Finland

A larp festival FreeFall with 14 larps was organized simultaneously with AWiF. In addition to that the program consisted of parties and events presenting Finnish culture.


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