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'''[[[PROLOG]]'''a swedish larp convent
'''[[[PROLOG]]'''a swedish larp convent
'''[[Knutpunkt]]''' 2015
'''[[Knutpunkt]]''' 2014
'''Last Will''' by [[Sofia Stenler]] [[Annica Strand]] and [[Frida Gamero]]
'''Last Will''' by [[Sofia Stenler]] [[Annica Strand]] and [[Frida Gamero]]

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Siri Sandquist Born 1987 is an archaeologist turned larp-pedagogue from Sweden. She has been actively organizing and larpwriting since 2013. She is passionate about larp, feminism, food, and serious thoughts.



Suffragett together with Susanne Vejdemo Daniel Armyr Cecilia Billskog.

A 360° larp about the Swedish suffragette-movement


A freeform larp about identity and who you re when the memories of who you was is fading away.

Cabaret together with Annica Waern Staffan Fladvad Alexander Sandrén

A 360° larp based on the musical Cabaret


Grey Zone

A part of the nano-game anthology #feminism dealing with the grey zone between consent and rape in relationship

Dusk of Gods together with Erland Nylund, Linnea Björklund, Thor Forsell

A 360° larp based on the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Our responsibility

A 360° larp about the peace movement in 1915 in collaboration with the Municipality of Varberg and Teater Halland

It's a man's world together with Elin Gissén, Johan Nylin, Staffan Fladvad

a 360° larp about masculinity and fatherhood, based on Mad about the Boy


Winson Green Prison together with Rosalind Göthberg

a blackbox larp about suffragettes in the UK and the men around them


'Lindängens Riksinternat by Alma Elofsson and Mimmi Lundqvist

[[[PROLOG]]a swedish larp convent

Knutpunkt 2014

Last Will by Sofia Stenler Annica Strand and Frida Gamero

Beyond the Barricades by Eva Wei and Rosalind Göthberg

Sigridsdotter by Lukas Renklint Elvira Fallsdalen Eva Wei and Rosalind Göthberg

Granland 3 by Johan Nylin Emma Prütz Hampus Ahlbom and Felix Antman Debels

/and some more...


"#Feminism" 2016

"Larp Realia Solmukohta" 2016