Shuffling the Deck

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Shuffling the Deck is the companion publication of Knutpunkt 2018. It was edited by Annika Waern and Johannes Axner. It was published online with a selection of articles published in a print on demand book.


Part I. Hearts

Designer and organiser reflections.

Part II. Diamonds

Tools, tips and tricks for larp designers and organizers.

Part III. Clubs

Tools, tips and tricks for players.

Part IV. Spades

Larp analysis, discussion and reflection.

Part V. Joker

Discussions and reflections on the larp community


  • Author Biographies
  • About Knutpunkt/Knutepunkt/Knudepunkt/Solmukohta
  • About the ETC Press


  • You can download and order the book at ETC Press