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*GR, by [[Tobias Wrigstad]]
*GR, by [[Tobias Wrigstad]]
*Drunk, by [[Tobias Wrigstad]]
*Drunk, by [[Tobias Wrigstad]]
*Robin’s Friends, by [[Anna Westerling]]
*Robin's Friends, by [[Anna Westerling]]

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The short story scenario is a mini-version of a scenario that is written for a convention. The term was invented for the Danish congress Orkon in 2001, where a competition specifically for short story scenarios was set up. Historically the scenarios dealt with 'light', and often comical, material. However, that has changed over the years. Although there are no formal criteria for short story scenarios, they are usually written for 4 players or less, and have a duration of maximum 2 hours. At the short story scenario competition Project Særimner, it is specified that the written material for the scenarios may not be any longer than 20.000 words.

The Danish term is novellescenarie.

Conventions that feature short story scenarios

Examples of Short Story Scenarios

All of the above scenarios are available for download from Jeepen.org. [1]