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Is a meta-technique for playing out a sex scene with a phallic prop. The scene ends with monologue where the participants speak out their characters inner thoughts.

Example - Using the Phallic prop

Always keep your clothes on and make sure to have a phallus at hand.The phallus in use within this method is gender-free,everyone can use one. The prop does not necessarily symbolice the penis of one of the characters. It symbolizes sexual assertivemess and penitrative sex in one form or another. The one who is more active should maybe use it, or it can be both. Before initiating the scence, one needs to be aware of what kind of emotions you wish your character to explore.

The goal of the method is that the sex scene shall be as visual and emotional real as possible. IMPORTANT: Even if the characters are not comfortable with the sex, the players should!

Take two deep breath together, and then start. A sex scene might be simulated in different ways:

  • A phallos (dildo or likewise), strapped on or hand held.
  • Physical contact between hands and arms (ars amandi-like)
  • Physical contact between the phallos and the participants bodies (hands, hips, legs..)for instance if the sex scene simulates penetration, and you don't have to rub it against genitals
  • Simulated fucking from behind, grip the others hip or shoulders to help simulate the movements.
  • Sucking, hold the suckers head, to help simulate the movements (you don't actually have to have the phallus in your mouth).
  • ALSO: Feel free to simulate with sounds.

After the sex is over, the player stand up shoulder to shoulder not looking in eachothers eyes. Then every player who participated holds a monolougue where the characters speak out their inner thoughts about the sex that just happened. This information is not heard by the other characters but by the other players and for them to use.