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Template:Larp Papers is a short chamber larp.

It was created by Petter Karlsson and Martin Rother-Schirren in early 2013 to first be played at Knutepunkt 2013.


Papers is a playful and surreal experience about a company visited by management consultants. The larp caricatures corporate culture in a fast-paced way, using music and rituals in a cartoonish manner to energize the participants. Are you ready to go from good to great? [1]



Papers was first played in 2013 at Knutepunkt. It has subsequently been played at Grenselandet, The Larpwriter Summer School, Prolog, Lajvfabriken Stockholm and Sydcon
It has been run in Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, France, Sweden, United States and in numerous other locations.

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