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The community building this wiki is a kind and open group of people who mostly get together to edit this wiki.

Joining in

To start editing and adding pages you need a user account. This is to avoid spam from bots on the wiki, and while the form might seem daunting there's no minimum requirements for joining. All requests are approved, as long as they're humans and not spambots. It usually takes less than 24 hours before your account is confirmed, but it can take longer during large holidays and summer vacation/larp season. Sign up on the account request page and an administrator will let you in as soon as we can!

If you want to engage with other editors you can join us in the Nordic Larp Wiki Facebook group. There we talk about the wiki, teach each other how to work with and announce events where we sit down and edit together.

How to Be a Good Neighbour on This Wiki

This is a friendly and kind wiki. An effort to curate this information done by people in the Nordic larp community. Be nice.

When describing things, try to be useful. On Wikipedia, articles are quite terse at the top, and they become more detailed as the article moves on to details. That's a helpful style. Be helpful.

If you make a mistake, or make a sub-optimal choice, someone else will pick up the slack. Don't worry. Be bold.

Theme and Layout

The wiki uses the same themes as Wikipedia so users will feel at home. That means Vector on desktop and Minerva Neue on mobile devices.


There are some resources in place to help you get things right:

Getting Started

Here are some good places to start:

Be bold. Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

What This Is

  • A concise database over game design tools, games, groups, movements, schools and conferences.
  • A relevant and useful toolbox for larp game designers. Pretty humor-less.

What This Isn't

  • A place to promote your coming project, business or person.

Who's Behind This

Nordic Larp Wiki is made by everyone and anyone who's makes the choice to contribute. No gods, no masters, just doers. It was started by Johannes Axner who also is the technical administrator of the site. It's run completely non-profit for the benefit of the Nordic larp scene.