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* Göteborg - [[Särimners Vänner]]
* Göteborg - [[Särimners Vänner]]
[[Category:Larp runs]]
[[Category:Larp runs]]
[[Category:Larp runs in Sweden]]
[[Category:1996 larp runs]]

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Nattsolens Furste
English nameThe Lord of the Night Sun
Larp seriesEsenor
Organized bySärimners Vänner
Date1996 (1996)
Duration3 days
LocationGöteborg, Sweden
Designed by
Esenor series
Preceded by
Nattsolens Arv

Nattsolens Furste was a larp set in the fantasy world of Esenor, created for the purpose of the campaign. Nattsolens Furste was the third larp in a trilogy. The first was Nattsolen and the second Nattsolens Arv.