Mikkel Bistrup Andersen

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Mikkel Bistrup Andersen
Born (1999-11-22) November 22, 1999 (age 23)
Years active2015-present

Mikkel Bistrup Andersen is a Danish larper and organizer. He attended the larping boarding school Epos from 2016 to 2017, where he is still active trough the student organization Epos Elevforening, he also an active part of the larp organization Rollespilsfabrikken where he organizes larps for kids and adults. Mikkel was also employed by the Bifrost where he worked with their new IT-platform and website, he also focused on building bridges between youth across all of Denmark.


Sea of Flames - A Song of Ice & Fire Story (2023) Main Organizer, Logistics, Economy

Hjerte Rimer På Smerte 6: Introturen (2020) Main Organizer, Logistics, Economy

The Village (2018) Main Organizer, Design, Logistics, Economy

Freeform scenarios

The Last Door (2022)

Wolfenstein 1950 (2019)


Knudepunkt 2023 (2023) Web- and Appdevelopment

Forum 2022 (2022) Main Organizer

Fastaval (2022) Youth Inclusion

Forum 2021 (2021) Main Organizer

Fastaval (2019) Food and delivery

Talks on Larp

The Age Gap in Larp (2019) at Knudepunkt 2019