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=External Links=
=External Links=
* [http://larpschool.blogspot.com/ Official website]
* [http://ulfstaflund.se/maskernas-stad-the-city-of-masks// Documentation Blogg]
* [http://larpschool.blogspot.com/p/resources.html/ Videos, slides and other material collected at the website]
* [http://interactingarts.org/ main interactingarts network website]
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[[Category:Scen3|Maskspel]] [[Category:Projects|Maskspel]][[Category:Pervasive games|Maskspel]]

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Maskspel was a 3 week pervasive larplike game in the summer of 2005.

It was organized by Interactingarts in collaboration with Ulf Stafslund.

One idea the programme followed was the idea of Scen 3 school of thought, which was an activist way of using larp as a soft subversive tool to turn actual societal structures around in the head and perception of the participant.

Maskspel had 40 participants from 12 countries and over 20 experts and organizers.


During the week, we will provide a framework and a toolbox for creating larps. While the goal of the summer school is to encourage pedagogical larps, our understanding of that term is very wide. We believe that the tools that create good larps can be applied broadly, and our toolbox will be useful for the designer of any larp that aims to tell a story. [1]


General structure

The program was structured in three levels, The what, The why and The how.[2]

Level What Type of programme Goal
Level 1 The what - the experience Larps & larp presentations Obtaining experience to contextualise the other program me items
Level 2 The why The Mixing Desk of Larp Understanding why and when to design larps differently
Level 3 The how Workshops & talks Learn the tools and methods to change the parameters of a larp to achieve what you want


The organizers had chosen a big variety of experts about Nordic larp to be able to create a great program for the participants. The experts came from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Czech Republic and they held talks, larp presentations, workshops and larps.

The Mixing Desk of Larp

The underlining theme of the program was The Mixing Desk of Larp. For each presented fader there was a fader talk held by and expert to give and introduction to that specific element of larp design. This was also played out in a small scene game called The boring family dinner, a game played several times during the week where the organizers added different faders so that the participants got a hands on understanding of the different elements.

Larps, workshops and other talks in the program was also planned in conjuction to the relevant faders talks.

Larps played at The Larpwriter Summer School

Several larps where played at the summer school. Here are some of them.

External Links