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Luminescence, also known as "The Flour Larp", was a four-hour long larp in 2004, in [A Week In Finland] before [Solmukohta 2004]. Luminescence is a game about cancer patients in music therapy. They all all going to die and attempt to come to terms with this fact. The players are semi-naked in a roomful of flour, which has been defined as ”normal” within the game.




Luminescense has been written on extensively by Juhana Pettersson and Mike Pohjola, often including player comments.

– Juhana Pettersson: The Kingdom of Flour, a description of the game for the column No Good.

– Mike Pohjola: School of Flour ([ PDF]), Developing methodology through eight experimental larps, in [Dissecting Larp], 2005.

– Juhana Pettersson: Roolipelimanifesti, a non-fiction book about roleplaying (Like, 2005).

– Juhana Pettersson: The Age of Indulgence, an article in [Playground Worlds], 2008.

– An article on the larp in [Nordic Larp (Book)] by Juhana Pettersson.

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  • Solmukohta 2004