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English nameCountry road
TaglineEn grävarsaga
Larp seriesSolnedgång
Organised byBerättelsefrämjandet
DateJuly, 2014
Duration2 days
LocationTierp, Sweden
Participants30-40 each run (2 runs)
Participation fee50
Designed by

Landsväg was a two-run post-apocalyptic larp run in Tierp, Sweden in 2014, set in the Solnedgång fiction. It was designed by Anna Sortti, Cornelia Karlslund and Andreas Sjöberg.

Setting and Themes

Landsväg was essentially a car caravan larp, as each group had to have their own vehicle. Taking place a generation after war and disease had almost wiped humanity out, it was a story of superstition, of comeraderie and of a "last hurrah" for the cowboyeqsue lifestyle of the car-borne scavengers.


One crew of "diggers" (car-borne scavengers and adventurers) wanted to investigate clues about a mythical major haul, and invited a bunch of other crews to join them for one last glorious adventure into a part of the land known simply as "Helvetesbrännan" ("Hell-scorch"). Once on the road tensions rose and old bonds were broken, as the crews started noticing they were not alone out there...

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