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Laivfabrikken Oslo - the "Larp Factory in Oslo" - is an Oslo-based network of larp organizers who aim to produce at least one larp each month, every month. The larps last less than a day, hold high quality, and have a low threshold for participation. Laivfabrikken is coordinated by a group called "limet" - "the glue". The members of this group changes from semester to semester, and the group consists of organizers and larpers in general who wishes to contribute in the "do-ocracy". Every semester there's a pitching forum, where organizers pitch their upcoming larps, and collectively decide which larps go on the calendar.


After years of loose talk and occasional planning, Laivfabrikken was formally founded in May 2009, and had by the end of the first season held 10 larps, most designed by local larpwrights, and some imported scenarios such as J. Tuomas Harviainen's "Prayers on a Porcelain Altar" and Jeepen's "The Upgrade". Inspired by the Fønix project in Bergen, with a similar emphasis on short low-threshold/high-quality larps, and motivated by a desire to reach out to new players and to provide larp experiences to older players who no longer had the time to participate in the 2-5-days long high-preparation larps common in Norway. Since its creation, Laivfabrikken Oslo has inspired the creation of several other larp factories.

Larps run in Laivfabrikken Oslo

Name Date
Den Store Afterlaiven March 2012
Eventyrfigurenes Landsorgansiasjon February 2012
Klassefesten January 2012
Name Date
13 til bords December 2011
Didrik + Tina 4ever November 2011
Grenselandet II October 2011 September 2011
When our destinies meet August 2011
Det som skjedde på Lanzarote July 2011
Fade To Grey June 2011
Par i terter May 2011
Tre Timer Taushet April 2011
Barselgruppen March 2011
Café Rene February 2011
Falne stjerner January 2011
Name Date
Marcellos Kjeller December 2010
Grenselandet Kortlaivfestival November 2010
Ivans Vannhull Oktober 2010
Screwing the Crew September 2010
Tvil August 2010
De Tidsreisendes Møtelokale July 2010
Et Morshjerte June 2010
Kink & Kaffe May 2010
Marcellos Kjeller April 2010
Et Annet Liv, Fra Begynnelsen

Sannheten Skal Gjøre Dere Fri

March 2010
Baader-Meinhof Eksperimentet February 2010
Den Store Afterlaiven January 2010
Name Date
Sluttspill December 2009
Oasen November 2009
Lindas bursdagsfest October 2009
Kjærlighet i fornedringens tid September 2009
Familien Andersson

Prayers on a Porcelain Altar

August 2009
Rast July 2009
The upgrade June 2009

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