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{{Infobox larp run |image=Vinterland.jpg |date=July 16–18, 2004 (2004-07-16 – 2004-07-18) November 26–28, 2004 (2004-11-26 – 2004-11-28) April 22–24, 2005 (2005-04-22 – 2005-04-24) |location=Tagungshaus of vbs-Sohrschied e.V. in Sohrschied/ Hunsrück, Germany |name=KultUr |english_name=Culture |participants=50 |duration=24 hours |website=kultur-larp.de |organizers=ErlebnisReich e.V. |designers={{plainlist|*Alexander Böpple


Vinterland was a larp about daily life, companionship and a societies rising from the ashes of a fictive post-war Sweden.

Setting and Themes

Daily life in Sweden, 30 years after the catastrophe. Small societies, farms and villages had been reestablished and things were getting back to some kind of normalcy.


Rifallet, and old 19th century hostelry, had now been fixed up and had a permanent population of farmers, hunters and craftsmen. It also served as a travellers inn as it was right between two larger settlements more than a days march between. At wintertime, visitors tended to stay here longer, and enjoy the hospitality, beer, food and company of both locals and travelers.

A lot of so-called "Diggers", bands of daring and heavily armed scavengers supplying settlements with pickings from the old world, also wintered there. A giant leap had just been taken - an old cable connection between two large settelments had just been repaired and data communication between Rifallet and the settlements were now possible.



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