Knutepunkt 2017

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Knutepunkt 2017

Knutepunkt 2017 was a Knutepunkt-conference held in the Mastemyr Quality Hotel outside Oslo Norway 23rd-26th of February 2017.


For the conference, a Knutepunkt-book was name Once Upon a Nordic Larp... Twenty Years of Playing Stories was published. It was edited by Martine Svanevik, Linn Carin Andreassen, Simon Brind, Elin Nilsen, and Grethe Sofie Bulterud Strand.


The program featured panels, talks, discussion, workshops, larps and other items.

A Week in Norway

Prior to the conference A Week in Norway was held 20th of February to the 22nd. Activities included Interaction - Unfinished Interaction a one-day event focused on interaction in arts, larp and entertainment, an edu-larp conference, larps, workshops, and Nordic Larp Talks.


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