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* [[Ars Amandi]] (a prequel to the technique later known as Ars Amandi)
* [[Ars Amandi]] (a prequel to the technique later known as Ars Amandi)
* [[Stream of Consciousness Characterdescription]]
* [[Stream of Consciousness Characterdescription]]
* [[Keyscenes trigged by music]]
* [[Keyscenes triggered by music]]
* A [[Dogma 99]] game
* A [[Dogma99]] game

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Template:Game Kjærlighet i fornedringens tid (Love in the age of debasement) was a game run in Norway in 2001, 2010


We are in Norway (alt. Sweden). The year is 2010. You are a couple living in Norway or are having a short, not especially spectacular holiday in Norway. You meet at a cafè. The meeting developes into a serious talk, an explosion or implosion of emotions. You are playing a couple that have been together for a while (6 month and up to 2 years). Not living together. It is about the confrontations that might show up, when we are forced or stumbled into making a stand. It is about our realtionships, when we grasp that somethings does not work. The critical moment when we have to understand that

  • this might be the end
  • this might be the start of something new and perhaps more sincere




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