Kajsa Greger

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Kajsa Greger
Born1981 (age 39–40)

Kajsa Greger (born 1981) is a Swedish engineer, drama teacher, game designer and larper. She uses fun and inventive game techniques that encourage players to express themselves large and lively with humour and warmth.


Organizer: Conventions


  • Att skugga (Shadowing) on enhancing player experiences, Höjdpunkt 2008
  • FORT-metoden (FORT method) on everyday storytelling, Prolog 2011 with Moa Rönnåsen


  • Mentioning the Unmentionables, three games about the anatomy of women (includes Dances with Vulvas, Dying for a cup of coffee and Just put some salt on it), #Feminism: A Nano-Game Anthology, 2016