Jotta vahva ei sortaisi heikkoa

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{{Infobox larp design |first_run=Template:July 14-15, 2018 in Bengtsår, Finland |name=Jotta vahva ei sortaisi heikkoa |image= |tagline= |participants= around 40 |duration= 24 hours |website=Template:Https:// |designers=Template:Aino Haavisto, Ada-Maaria Hyvärinen |techniques={{}} }}

Jotta vahva ei sortaisi heikkoa (Eng. So That the Strong Should Not Harm the Weak) was a larp about the Hammurabi Code and the judicial system in ancient Mesopotamia. During the larp, judges from the city of Uruk came to the fictitious town of Kaprum, since they had invited there to solve a dispute over an inheritance. There were various court hearings where the locals could accuse each other of crimes or bring up disputes for the judges to solve.

The larp lasted for about 24 hours, and the players of the judges were instructed to start the first hearing around two hours into the larp, and hold the last one in the morning of the second day. During the first day, the judges were free to schedule hearings pretty much as they liked, and in between they would try to find witnesses and evidence to prove that somebody was guilty or innocent. In practice, there were two hearings on the first day. They lasted from one to two hours. The verdicts were issued in the final hearing next morning and carried out immediately after it.

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